Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Acorn experiment #2 - Pancakes

I had some flour from a second batch of valley oak acorns that I had accidentally broiled instead of drying in my broiler.  I forgot they were drying under the pilot light and I turned on the oven to cook dinner.  Oops.  The flour looked good, but I didn't want to serve it to guests just in case.  So the other night I decided to try out one of the many acorn pancake recipes I saw on the internet.  I finally went with the recipe for acorn griddle cakes at the bottom of this page, but didn't use any wheat flour, just 100% acorn flour, and I think alot more milk.  These things were bone dry.  I wonder if the recipe is supposed to be made with the damp, freshly leached acorn meal.  They were still pretty dry once I cooked them, so I had to use a lot of butter (no complaints here).  But they were delicious.  The acorn had a great flavor.  Served with salmon and a side salad.