Thursday, April 16, 2009

Henry Coe State Park

I just spent 3 days backpacking in Henry Coe State Park, outside Morgan Hill. As my friend said, this is the perfect state park to April. Right now the hills are green, the deciduous trees are just leafing out, there's water in all the creeks and there are wildflowers. Lots of them. We counted almost 40 different species. The most common were goldfields, buttercups, lupines, and blue-eyed grass. Imagine fields of yellows and purples. And most of the wildflowers are easily accessible in a day hike.

This is my second time down to Henry Coe and I have been blown away both times. I constantly think that this is what much of California must have looked like 2 centuries ago. Undisturbed beauty and an incredibly diverse ecosystem.


  1. Looks pretty. That's California for you, a pond of lupine it looks like, instead of water. Nice.

  2. Hey Brad, it's Phil. Nice blog! Know anything about truffles? I hear a number of varieties grow in NoCal and the Sierra Nevadas.