Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ladybugs- Part deux

So I received an email back from the Lost Ladybug Project a few weeks ago. (see my original post here) And, unfortunately, they couldn't identify the ladybug with 100% certainty.

"The red ladybug is either a Coccinella californica, or a Coccinella novemnotata! There exist ninespotted ladybugs without spots like these, but they can only be distinguished by the look of the front of the pronotum, right near the head that is tucked under, from C. californica."

But it looks like both are native California ladybugs. So I guess all the native plants have helped attract some native predators.


  1. Can't ever have enough ladybugs. I once lived in an old house where they were breeding. They were all over the walls and window of one room. Finally they all escaped outside to do their magical work. I enjoyed their energy en masse while they were inside. As for your question about cerinthe--which I highly recommend-- the seeds like to be planted in the late fall so they have time to sprout. Plant them in bright shade or morning sun. They'll start to flower in the warming coolness of the spring. Good luck.

  2. Good for you! I think my garden's just too dry for them right now, but who knows, maybe I'll have some this spring. Blogging has made me pay much more attention to the bugs...

  3. I buy some every year,but they never seem to stick around. Maybe I am supplying my neighbors!