Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sonoma Coast

Two weekends ago, I went camping on the Sonoma Coast, about 15 miles north of Jenner. It's a really beautiful section of Highway 1 and we had a great time.

Some strange wildlife in the camp.

The rainstorm of early October and the warm weather after led to a mini spring. There were mushrooms everywhere. I believe these are shaggy ink wells in two different stages of maturity.

Could these be the world's tiniest mushrooms? Probably not, but definitely the smallest I've ever seen.

A pic of the coast and our hand model, Carlos.


  1. Oh, I want to go on a trip too! Right now, I just don't seem to manage to leave, not even for a hike. Well, let's hope for a sunny Thanksgiving week, when I won't have to work.

  2. I love the coast at Jenner. You go from rolling inland hills to the crashing edge of the Pacific in almost no time. I haven't spent enough time around there to notice the mushrooms--or peacoks! Very cool.

  3. LOVE those teeny-tiny mushrooms. I wish they'd grow in my garden - they're THAT cute!