Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trillium ovatum - Western Wake Robin

So I've seen trillium (trillii?) twice this spring.  Once on Mt. Tam and once in Tilden Park.  They really are quite stunning.  There is something about hiking along and suddenly coming across a few of them.  First up one of the many I saw on Mt. Tam.
 Some from Tilden. First a purple.
 Then one of each.
 And last a trio of trillium.
So they always sell a few of these at the annual Tilden plant sale, but evidently they are sold within the first moments of opening.  So if you want some and want to shell out some cash (they aren't cheap) get there early.


  1. Beautiful. It's easy to see why native gardeners lust after them.

  2. Ah yes, Bay Natives had a few display only plants, they also said the'd sold out right away.

    They're actually not so easy to keep happy in a normal garden, I would probably hesitate to buy them. Better to enjoy them in the wild, and come home with photos...

  3. I love the shape of the leaves. What a beautiful little plant :-)

  4. I'm trill-ed! The wet spring has made it a great year for woodland wildflowers round here.

  5. I saw the Trillium chloropetalum at the Bay Natives booth too at the SF Garden show. I agree with Town Mouse, the Trillium we have here are so fussy about where they grow, I'm not sure I could stand to try planting them, and watch them disappear. Hopefully the wild ones here will just continue to propagate themselves. I'm very impressed with the trio shot, most of ours are singles or doubles, but rarely in groups of three or more.