Sunday, April 18, 2010


Gardening Gone Wild's theme of their monthly photo contest is "green."  Looking through my photos I realized that mostly I focus on big landscape photos, or close ups of blooms.  I did find two though that I thought represented green pretty well.

What could be more green than a palo verde, a desert tree that has a green trunk, green branches, green stems and leaves.
Well I thought the sun shining through the leaves of this padron pepper and onto the green pepper itself did a better job.  Especially since these peppers stay green when ripe.
Check out more entries at the Picture This Contest for April.  And for the music that inspired my photo sifting give a listen to Joni Mitchell's Little Green while you look through the green inspired photos and blog posts.


  1. I vote for the second pic of peppers since the contest is from a gardening site. Did you submit the pics for consideration?

  2. Both photos are beautiful examples of green. Which did you choose to enter?

  3. The first photo is a great example of our California green (although I have an inkling that you took that photo in AZ?). Hope the pepper was a tasty one!