Thursday, July 1, 2010

Huckleberry Preserve - Failed berry foraging walk

So even though I didn't find any berries on my walk, as explained on my last post, there was plenty to keep my interest.  There was hairy vine honeysuckle (Lonicera hispidula var vacillans) in bloom and some huckleberries just starting to form.  They are a reliable harvest, but much later in the year.
There was a very interesting grass's seedhead.  Probably not native, but beautiful all the same.
There was some ocean spray aka cream bush (Holodiscus discolor), whose buds supposedly taste like thyme, but most were a little too dry for my taste.  Others would have worked, but I didn't try any.

The flowers on these miner's lettuce were the most beautiful shade of purple.  I'm used to seeing white blooms.  Is this a variety, or do the blooms change color with age?
And nearby was a carpet of yerba buena (Satureja douglasii).  I love the aroma of its leaves. I don't remember seeing this growing wild here before.  It seems very happy.
I think these might be silktassle berries.  And then this little, yellow, mystery flower/weed.  Anyone know for sure what either is?


  1. The mystery flower looks like a tarweed (Madia), but I'm not sure which one.

  2. Your grass looks like Cynosurus echinatus (hedgehog dogtail grass). We have it here, a lot of it at the moment (see my non-native 'going to seed' post from a couple of weeks ago). It is pretty, just a bit rambunctious in some places. I just found that we have Holodiscus growing behind our vegetable garden a couple of weeks ago. I only noticed it because of the beautiful flower panicles. I agree, the yellow flower is a Madia, but IDing plants in that genus is tricky without seeing the plant in person.