Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Solstice, Christmas, Holidays and New Year

I went to  a solstice celebration in Muir Woods 2 days ago.  They opened most of the main grove for free from 3-8pm.  Music, carolers, children running around with flashlights. It was good fun.  And they lined the path with luminaria, something I know more from my time in Arizona.  A great way to guide people through the trees without the need of flashlight.  But as you can see, it's really dark under redwoods at night.

I've had a very busy 2011 and have not been blogging, but will be back in 2012.  A very merry season to you all.  And from here on out the days just get longer. 


  1. There you are! I wondered how you'd been. You're right, it's very dark under redwoods at night. I expect the luminarias added something of a magical glow though. Wishing you a very happy holiday, and looking forward to seeing you back in 2012!

  2. Welcome back to the blog world. I hope they do this at Muir Woods every year now.