Saturday, October 24, 2009

The UC Davis Arboretum

The UC Davis Arboretum consists of 100 acres on the old north channel of Putah Creek. Yes, that is in fact the name of the creek. The banks of the creek could use a little restoration work, but the birds don't seem to mind.

UC Davis sits in the California Central Valley, which has a Mediterranean climate, but one where temperatures rise and fall much more so than here on the coast. So part of their mission is to experiment with plants and to teach people what they should grow. They even highlighted 100 plants throughout the trails, which do especially well in the Central Valley. With signs they mentioned their ease of maintenance, drought tolerance, etc.

They also seem intent to teach people how to grow plants and, especially, how to conserve water.

Here's a pic of Evie's silktassle bush (Garrya elliptica 'Evie') from the Native California plant section. And a May night salvia (Salvia x sylvestris 'Mainacht') and a type of scabiosa (?) from the drought tolerant garden.

All pictures courtesy of Mike.


  1. The salmon that spawn in Putah Creek are called hijos de Putah. Or at least, they should be called that. I think. Sorry. That Garrya is about ready to go off.

  2. That hundred plants link is a good find. Thanks.

  3. do they still have the moonlight garden, with all whit flowers for full moon evenings? I haven't been for too long...

  4. Scabiosa is right. They are South African plants, but our species are mauve/lilac.

  5. Town Mouse: I don't know. I unfortunately didn't get to see all of it, but I will be going back. A full moon garden would be really cool to see. I'll look for it.

    Elephant's Eye: Thanks. Most of the one's I've seen planted here are pink or lavender. I hadn't seen a light yellow before.

  6. It was a nice day... Too much walking! It is great that they have set aside such a large part of the campus for a nice peaceful space.